Why Having a Grief Support Dog Available During a Funeral Is So Important

There are many ways to support a friend who’s grieving the death of a loved one, whether it’s with flowers, meals, or a listening ear. Being there for those you love means a lot during difficult times of grief. At Moloney Family Funeral Homes, we put a lot of effort into caring for grieving families in Bohemia, Center Moriches, and Hauppauge. Our grief support services are designed to help families heal during the weeks and months following a funeral. Healing can begin even during the funeral, when a grief support dog like our own dog, Kota, is there to provide much-needed comfort and relief for family members.


Here are some reasons why having a grief support dog available during a funeral is so important:


A grief support dog can help diffuse a tense situation.


Tensions tend to run high at a funeral, as family members and friends may be feeling sad or stressed about their loss. Having a friendly dog around can lower the collective anxiety at the funeral. Children may especially appreciate the presence of a dog, which may help parents relax and focus on connecting with other guests. Dogs have an inherent ability to recognize the people in a room who are in special need of comfort during a challenging time.


A grief support dog can improve mood.


Petting or playing with a dog has been proven to release serotonin, a feel-good chemical, into our brains. The presence of serotonin leaves us feeling calmer and more emotionally stable. You may find yourself having a more positive outlook on life after spending time with a playful pup like Kota. In this way, a grief support dog helps promote movement toward healing after a significant loss.


A grief support dog can encourage a more relaxing atmosphere.


Many families we serve request Kota’s presence at their loved one’s funeral service. Kota is quiet and calm throughout the proceedings, and many funeral guests feel more at ease having a grief support dog present. Many families have a dog at home themselves and having a grief support dog at their loved one’s funeral can make it feel more like home. It may even be a special way to honor a loved one’s memory, especially if they were a dog lover.


If you’d like to arrange a time to meet Kota in person or if you’d like to learn more about our funeral services, contact our compassionate team today.