What You Need to Know About the Cremation Process

As cremation continues to grow in popularity here in Holbrook, Port Jefferson Station, Central Islip, Long Island, and the surrounding New York area, our staff at Moloney Family Funeral Homes receives lots of questions about it. Many community members want to learn more about what exactly cremation entails and why they should consider choosing it for themselves or a loved one.

Here’s what you need to know about the cremation process:

Choosing cremation doesn’t limit your options.

A lot of people assume that when they settle on cremation, their options will be limited as far as services go. At Moloney, we can help you plan a reception, visitation, or memorial service to commemorate your loved one’s life. When you choose cremation with us, you have the same personalization options as families who come to us for traditional burial. Cremation also allows you flexibility in choosing how your cremated remains are handled. Rather than being confined to a single burial plot, you can decide to either scatter your cremated remains or store them in multiple designated cremation containers.

Cremation tends to cost less than traditional burial.  

One of the most appealing aspects of cremation is the price point. Compared to traditional burial, cremation usually costs less, which allows your family to find a service option that fits your financial plan. You may wish to opt for a direct cremation, which involves no memorial service, graveside ceremony, or reception. If your budget allows for extra services, our planning experts can help you integrate personalization options like a butterfly release or custom flowers into your cremation service.

You can preplan your cremation.

When you choose cremation with us, you have the option to arrange your services ahead of time down to the smallest detail. You can select keepsake jewelry, a decorative urn, or alternative container to hold your cremated remains. At Moloney, you can preplan a reception or memorial service so your family and friends can gather to commemorate your life. Our cremation preplanning specialists will assist you in getting your wishes down in writing. We’ll keep them in a safe place so you can be sure this important information is available to your loved ones at the time when it’s most needed. Experience peace of mind when you preplan your cremation with us.

If you still have questions about our cremation services or planning a cremation, contact our team today. We are here to serve you 24/7.