We’ll Help with All Your Arrangements

For below-ground burial, we have an extensive selection of personalized monuments and markers. All of our headstones are top quality, beautiful and made to last. We can help you find the right choice for your needs and your budget.

We do not own our own cemetery, but our caring funeral service staff can assist you in deciding on a final resting place for you or your loved one. Moloney Family Funeral Homes has relationships with all of the surrounding cemeteries. We can coordinate aboveground memorialization in a personal mausoleum or larger sizes for you and your loved ones to share. We can give you a tour of local cemeteries and help you select a burial plot.

Cremation Disposition Options

For those who prefer cremation, we can arrange for memorialization in a dignified Columbarium niche or mausoleum. We have a wide selection of decorative urns and keepsake jewelry for permanent possession, so your loved one is always with you.

If you prefer to scatter the cremated remains, let us help you arrange a final disposition ceremony. We can provide you with a temporary container and inform you of the New York health and legal restrictions.

We’re Eco-Friendly

Moloney Family Funeral Homes is a Green Burial Society Member. A memorialization option emphasizing simplicity and environmental sustainability. No embalming fluid or chemicals are used; there is only a biodegradable casket with no burial vault, and the gravesite is allowed to return to nature.

If you have more questions regarding burial, please call us or visit our FAQ’s section.