Understanding Casket Options

When you choose traditional burial for your loved one, selecting a casket is an important part of making funeral arrangements. The casket is in many ways the cornerstone of the funeral ceremony. It’s what family and friends gather around, often in an indoor setting or at the gravesite. At Moloney Family Funeral Home, our experienced staff will help you handle all of the details and answer your funeral-related questions.


Here are a few key things to keep in mind when trying to understand your casket options:


Choose from a variety of materials available.

There are lots of options when it comes to the construction of your loved one’s casket. Though a wooden casket continues to be the most popular choice, you can personalize your choice by selecting a premium wood like mahogany, oak, maple, pine, cherry, or walnut. Some families choose a metal casket because of its durability and strength. These caskets tend to be made of steel, stainless steel, or a precious metal like copper or bronze. You may even choose a biodegradable casket crafted from willow or bamboo as a way of minimizing the environmental impact of your loved one’s funeral. No matter the material or color of the casket you select, be sure it’s within your budget.


Consider the viewing and funeral arrangements when selecting a casket.

When you’re weighing your options for caskets, keep the setting of the funeral ceremony in mind. If you’re planning an open-casket funeral, you may wish to choose a casket that features a lid split in two. This is known as a half-couch casket, while a full-couch casket has a seamless lid in one piece. If the funeral ceremony will be held in a small chapel or intimate gathering space, you may wish to choose a smaller casket.


Personalize your loved one’s casket.

We encourage every family we serve to personalize their loved one’s casket, from the fabric lining the inside to the flowers decorating the outside. Perhaps you select a flower arrangement in their favorite color or incorporate a photograph of them on the top of the casket. Crafting a casket that reflects your loved one’s unique personality is a beautiful way to pay tribute to them.


If you live in Bohemia, Central Islip, Holbrook, or the surrounding area and wish to learn more about the funeral and casket options available at our funeral home, contact our experienced team today.