Tips for Choosing Your Final Resting Place

Our knowledgeable staff at Moloney Funeral Home knows how challenging it can be for some of our neighbors in Lake Ronkonkoma, Holbrook, and Central Islip to decide where they’d like to be laid to rest. There are so many options and many important factors to consider. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your final resting place.


Consider where family members are buried.

If family members are buried at a certain location, you might wish to be laid to rest at the same place or somewhere close by. Some families even purchase a burial plot or family vault or crypt to ensure there is enough space for each family member. If appropriate, have a conversation with your loved ones about family burial locations to be sure you’re all in agreement should you choose to be buried together.


If applicable, honor your religious customs.

If you take part in a religious tradition that involves a certain church or house of worship, you may wish to be buried there if it’s possible.


Buy a plot in advance.

One way to secure a place in your preferred location is to purchase a burial plot ahead of time. This way, you can consider all of your options, discuss them with those closest to you, and make an informed decision on your own timeline.


In the case of cremation, decide whether to bury or scatter your remains – or both.

For those who choose cremation, the decision process around settling on a final resting place looks a little different. Some people wish to have their cremated remains buried, while others prefer them scattered in a meaningful location like their birthplace or another location of significance. Others still set aside a portion of cremated remains as a keepsake while scattering the rest. Keep in mind that it is illegal to scatter remains in certain locations, but scattering can occur at any location that is permitted by local regulations. Moloney Funeral Homes can help facilitate scattering discussions with the proper authorities…


Visit the burial ground or cemetery first.

If you can, plan to visit the burial ground or cemetery of interest before securing a burial plot. Seeing the space in person will likely help clarify whether you wish to be buried there or not.


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