Navigating Grief During the Warmer Months

Moving through grief is difficult  any time of year, but it can be uniquely tough during the warmer months here in Holbrook, Central Islip, and Hauppauge. It seems incongruous to feel sad when the weather is warm and sunny what with all the gatherings and BBQs that happen this time of year. But at Moloney Family Funeral Homes, our staff often hears how grief can take hold and feel more severe this time of year. June, July, and August are often thought of as an opportunity to relax and enjoy having fun with friends and family. But when there’s an empty chair at the table or someone missing from the 4th of July party . . . feelings of sadness can overwhelm.

Here are some tips for our neighbors who need support while navigating grief during the warmer months:


Honor your feelings.

Warmer weather means a vacation for a lot of families in our area. Perhaps you and your family take your yearly vacation at this time, but because of your grief your heart isn’t into planning a trip this year. Let yourself postpone a vacation until you feel ready.


Do something in memory of your loved one.

When it’s warm outside, you may feel your loss especially strongly. Memories of your loved one may come across your mind from time to time, and feelings of missing them may hit you even stronger during the warmer months. Share memories of your loved one with friends and family you trust and encourage them to tell stories about them. Speaking your loved one’s name can help comfort you during difficult seasons of grief.


Make plans ahead of time.

Making plans ahead of time during the warmer months can help relieve anxiety about how you’ll spend the longer days and holidays in particular. Only put events on your calendar when you feel up to it knowing that certain places, people, or parties might trigger intense feelings of grief. If you’re concerned about being alone too much or not having enough going on to occupy your time, planning ahead can also be helpful.


Give yourself permission to opt out of social activities.

The social pressures of the warmer months can be overwhelming for those who are in the throes of grief. From parties to concerts to outdoor picnics, events during the warmer months can quickly fill up your calendar. If you don’t feel up to attending a group activity, let yourself opt out of the experience. Do keep in mind though that even if you’re hesitant about attending, it can be incredibly healing to feel the love and support of others.


Focus on making new traditions.

If memories of activities that you used to do with your loved one are causing too much pain, try to focus on forming brand new traditions with your family and friends. Spending time outside with those you love can revive and energize you so try to arrange a hike or picnic.


We want area families to know that they are not alone in their grief. We offer grief support and aftercare services to help you and your family navigate the difficulty of grief. Contact our team to find out more about our funeral and cremation services.