Grief Help After the Loss of a Grandparent

Losing a grandparent is something many of us experience in life and often our first introduction to grief. The death of a grandmother or grandfather is a difficult event that often leads to complex feelings of grief. No matter how young or old we are, we may need help coping with the grief of losing a grandparent. At Moloney Family Funeral Home, our compassionate staff help families move through their grief journey after the death of a family member.

Perhaps you’re facing a recent loss or helping a child process feelings of grief. Here are some ways to cope after the death of a grandparent:


Talk through your emotions with someone you trust.

Grief hits everyone differently, so it’s important to talk through your feelings with a family member, close friend, or trusted advisor. Share as openly as you can about how you’re feeling, as this will help you process your grief. Not sharing these emotions can lead to an extended grieving period, depression, and more.


Tell stories about your grandparent.    

Sharing memories about your grandparent can help you feel more connected to them. Talking about your grandparent is a beautiful way to preserve their legacy and soothe intense feelings of grief. You may decide to speak with a therapist, grief counselor, or even a close friend or family member. Share how you feel about this loss and try to be open to receiving their support.


Arrange a tribute to your grandparent.

Though it’s not always easy to be present at the funeral of someone you loved, attending a funeral can be a healing act. Following the funeral, there are many ways you can memorialize your loved one. Perhaps you bring fresh flowers to their gravesite on a regular basis or plant a tree in their honor.


Join a grief support group.

If you feel you’d benefit from the encouragement of others going through similar situations, you may wish to attend a grief support group. Sharing your grief experience with people going through the same thing can comfort and empower those who have recently suffered a loss.


If you’d like to learn more about our aftercare services, contact our team today. We invite families in Holbrook, Center Moriches, and Long Island to stop by and meet with Kota, our grief therapy dog. No matter your age, he’s sure to bring a smile to your face.