The Gathering of a Lifetime

Here at Moloney Family Funeral Homes, our experienced staff members have seen the benefits of planning a reception for your loved one. A reception is a gathering of a lifetime that is most often held after a funeral or cremation. We encourage families to plan a reception to facilitate the healing process following the death of their loved one.


Here are some of the reasons why we don’t want families to miss the gathering of a lifetime:


A reception is a beautiful way to support others in their grief.

Gathering with family and friends at a reception can help ease difficult feelings of grief. Leaning on others can inspire you to feel more resilient and able to process complex emotions. Supporting those you love as they grieve can lead to more connectedness and understanding between you and them.


A reception presents a unique opportunity to celebrate favorite aspects of your loved one.

Many families we serve in Holbrook, Bohemia, and Hauppauge use their loved one’s reception as an opportunity to highlight certain facets of their personality, interests, or accomplishments. A reception can make a meaningful personalized tribute to a loved one, as it can incorporate live music or thoughtfully selected decorations. A reception often includes food and drinks, so use this opportunity to choose menu items that fit your celebration. Coffee and pastries are a great choice for a casual afternoon gathering. A potluck-style dinner is a special way for guests to feel included in the service.


A reception lets family members receive much-needed nourishment.

Grief can negatively impact your appetite, perhaps making it disappear almost entirely for some time. A reception featuring a carefully selected menu can help encourage family members to nourish their bodies and in turn, ease intense emotions. You might even consider featuring your loved one’s favorite dishes at the reception to celebrate their memory.


A reception provides an environment in which to share memories with family and friends.

It’s not always possible to find an opportunity to connect with family and friends during a funeral service. A reception tends to be a more casual, less structured event in which guests may feel comfortable sharing memories of the deceased with the family. Having a guestbook present at the reception is another way to encourage guests to share their thoughts and feelings.


If a loved one has recently died, the gathering of a lifetime is something you won’t want to miss. A reception can help you connect, share memories with family and friends, and support others in their grief. If you’d like to learn more about reasons to hold a reception or plan a funeral for a loved one, contact our team today.