I Preplanned at Another Funeral Home; Can I Switch to Moloney?

At Moloney Family Funeral Homes, we often hear questions like these from our neighbors in Bohemia, Hauppauge, and Center Moriches:

“The funeral home where I preplanned my funeral and burial arrangements is no longer open. Does Moloney accept preplanning transfers?”

“I’m having second thoughts about the funeral home I originally chose to plan my final arrangements. Can Moloney help?”

“I relocated to the area, but I’ve already documented my final wishes at another funeral home in a different state. I want my final interment to be here – can I transfer my plans to Moloney?”

SwitchToMoloney-Apr2021When families in Lake Ronkonkoma, Holbrook, Central Islip, and Port Jefferson Station ask if they can transfer their preplanning plans to us, we’re honored to say the answer is “Yes!” Some may wonder why others need to transfer their plans once they’ve already been documented. The reasons vary, but we know one significant difference between Moloney Family Funeral Homes and other funeral homes: trust.

Trust is the foundation on which Founder F. Daniel Moloney built the funeral home over 75 years ago. Many things have changed since then, but his sons, Daniel and Peter Moloney, strive to maintain the same values – and they never forget to give back. Keeping your confidence is one of our deepest commitments, and we know how to handle your final arrangement plans with detail at every step.

Whether you choose a traditional burial or cremation, know that the care team at Moloney Family Funeral Homes is here to support you through preplanning your final arrangements. If you’re unsure about the funeral home you originally selected and are having second thoughts look to us, the experts, for preplanning guidance. We even have a preplanning checklist on our website to get you started. Rest assured that we will respect your needs and your budget, and we’ll create a service that is personal and meaningful to you and your loved ones.

What if I’ve already paid?

If you’ve prepaid for your funeral to shield your loved ones from this extra stress at an already difficult time, we make it easy to work with us when you transfer to Moloney. You won’t have to worry about the details when you choose us. Whether you’ve prepaid or you plan to pay later, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing everything will be just as you wanted.

Another reason many people choose to transfer their funeral plans to Moloney is our aftercare services and the unique ways we support families. This includes our wonderful grief therapy dog, Kota. Kota is specially trained to show unconditional love and support to those who need it most, and he has an exceptional way of knowing how to console the grieving. We have many other ways we assist families along the grief journey, including our online Interactive Grief Support video for immediate guidance.

Choosing a funeral home to trust with your preplanning preferences is an important decision. If you’re unsure about cost, level of care and compassion or the services we offer, call us today or visit our website. Or reach out to start planning your own funeral from the start. You’ll notice the difference immediately and know you made the right choice. We’re here to help, and are only a phone call away.