Live Healthy, Family Style

Everyone knows how important it is to eat nutritiously and exercise regularly. However it can be difficult to make life adjustments without accountability partners to help you on your journey.

This spring, get active as a family or with friends. Implement family or group workouts into your routine. Jog, hike, hit the gym or take a swim. Make it fun by biking, kicking around a soccer ball, or just walking around your neighborhood. The possibilities are endless.

When it comes to food, enjoy healthier more nutritious snacks. Instead of burgers or chicken wings, try veggies with dip, fruit, or shrimp skewers with hot sauce.

When baking treats, use agave nectar as a substitute for white sugar. Make vegan oatmeal cookies instead of using so much butter, milk, eggs and white flour. There are minor adjustments you can make that will really make a difference in your family’s overall health and wellness.

Be healthy as family and friends, so everyone can enjoy more years together.