Ideas for Memorializing with Cremated Remains


Cremation is growing in popularity throughout New York, Long Island, and Central Islip. Choosing cremation provides a variety of memorialization options and flexibility as far as how and when you decide to pay tribute to your loved one. When you trust our cremation professionals at Moloney Family Funeral Homes with the care of your loved one, we’ll share all the available personalization options with you. We encourage every family to get as creative as they like when it comes to commemorating their loved one. Here are some ideas for memorializing with cremated remains.


  1. Memorialize your loved one in a beautiful piece of keepsake jewelry.


Transforming your loved one’s cremated remains into a gorgeous piece of keepsake jewelry is a meaningful way to remember them. This lets you keep your loved one close to you always, as you can wear your necklace all the time.


  1. Take your loved one’s remains around the world.


A unique way to remember your loved one is to take their cremated remains with you on your travels. This is a fun way to honor their life, especially if they enjoyed traveling or if you go to destinations, you visited together. You might also choose to scatter the cremated remains in meaningful locations as a special tribute.


  1. Scatter their cremated remains over water.


Whether you head to the sea or stand alongside a river while you scatter your loved one’s cremated remains, a sendoff over water can be a beautiful act. Did your loved one own a sailboat or enjoy going to the beach? Scattering remains adds extra meaning and can lead to healing as you grieve.


  1. Bury their cremated remains in a significant place.


Burying your loved one’s cremated remains is a great way to memorialize them, especially if you like the idea of traditional burial. You can also choose to hold a graveside service to honor your loved one. This can provide a sense of closure and peace to those left behind to grieve.


  1. Use their cremated remains to help grow a tree.


Choosing cremation gives you access to a variety of memorial items, including urns, keepsake jewelry, and decorative cremation boxes. If you choose to place your loved one’s cremated remains in an urn, you can select one that’s biodegradable. This allows you the opportunity to return your loved one to the earth. When combined with a certain soil mixture, this environmentally friendly option can nourish a tree’s roots and grow into a permanent memorial loved ones can visit for years to come.


If you’d like to hear about even more ways to personalize your loved one’s memorial when you choose cremation, contact our experienced staff today. We are here 24/7 and ready to assist you with whatever you need.