Funeral Preplanning: It’s Not as Scary as It Sounds

For many people, planning of any sort can be a cause of stress. Making end-of-life plans can be even more anxiety-ridden. At Moloney Family Funeral Homes, our staff encourages families in Hauppage, Center Moriches, and Port Jefferson Station to make their funeral arrangements ahead of time. There are many benefits to planning your service in advance, for both you and your family. Our team is here to address families’ concerns when it comes to making funeral prearrangements.

Here are a few key things we want our families to know about preplanning a funeral with us:


It can help ease stress about the future.

We plan so many things in life—anniversaries, vacations, and doctor’s appointments, for example. So why not plan your funeral the same way? Putting your final wishes in writing can provide you and your family peace of mind about the future. Your loved ones will have detailed instructions on how you wish to be memorialized. Making these important decisions can allow you to better focus on other tasks and decisions. When you preplan with us, our experienced team will walk you through every important decision and detail regarding your future arrangements.


It allows you to make important end-of-life decisions at your own pace. 

Preplanning provides flexibility as far as making funeral arrangements goes. You can make selections about your burial or cremation according to your unique timeline. Our planning experts will advise you on all the choices to consider and answer your questions. We recommend discussing your final wishes with your partner or loved ones before putting them in writing. You can always edit your preferences later should you change your mind about your services.


It lets you prepay for your service.

It’s common for a family to overspend on their loved one’s service due to the presence of intense grief and other challenging emotions. When you preplan with Moloney, you can pay now or later for your services. We encourage every family to know their budget before they start to preplan. If you decide to prepay for your service, your family will be relieved to know they won’t need to worry about paying for your services when the time comes.


At Moloney, our planning professionals are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have about preplanning a funeral or cremation with us. Contact us anytime. We look forward to hearing from you.