5 Creative Ways to Add a Meaningful Touch to a Service

Have you ever attended a funeral that wonderfully reflected the personality and interests of the person who died? Many who have attended a service at Moloney Family Funeral Home know just how meaningful personal touches can be.

Moloney-SepBlog2Our professional staff members are experts at weaving details throughout a service and reception, and we have helped design unique funerals for families across Suffolk County. Consider these ideas to help you tell the story of your loved one’s life and make the service truly healing:

  1. Memorial Video

A memorial or tribute video is a cherished part of a memorial service, and many families say it is one of the most special moments of the funeral. We will compile your favorite photos (hard copies or digital) and create a video to be shown during the service, or as a private keepsake to be viewed later. Additional copies can be made available for guests to take home, as well as an online link for family and friends near and far.

  1. Unique music tribute

Music is especially powerful in bringing people together and capturing memories. If your loved one had a favorite artist or song, we can incorporate it into the funeral or reception. If you would like to feature a live musician, this is another meaningful way to celebrate the life that was lived.

  1. Tribute Release

Releasing bubbles, balloons, butterflies, doves, or lanterns can beautifully symbolize the spirit of your loved one. If you wish to write notes and attach them to a balloon or lantern, this is a healing way to send loving thoughts to your loved one. A tribute release can serve as a special ending to any ceremony, bringing a bit of peace and stillness on one of the most difficult days.

  1. Serve a Favorite Food

Over the years, our staff has observed the power of sharing a meal, as it offers levity and fellowship. We gather around food during the most meaningful moments in life, and funerals are no exception. To further personalize a reception, consider serving some of your loved one’s favorite snacks or meals. As memories are shared and food is enjoyed, you can help everyone remain connected to the life you’re celebrating.

  1. Memory Tree

Have friends and family write down memories or thoughtful messages on a paper leaf or tag and hang them up. This becomes a permanent compilation of special moments for you to treasure forever. Collecting memories of your loved one is a great way to represent their life and impact.

Whether you have a plethora of ideas to represent your loved one or need help brainstorming, your options are limitless. Our ultimate goal is to help you celebrate the life of your loved one and tell their unique story.

Moloney Family Funeral Home believes it is our calling to help you in every step of the planning process, even in the most difficult and overwhelming times. If you have questions regarding personalization or planning, please contact us or visit our resources page. We are here to support you long after the service is over.