3 Ways to Help Your Family Remember You After You’re Gone

“The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.” These words from Roman Philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero may have been said thousands of years ago, but they hold just as much meaning today. Every week, our care team at Moloney Family Funeral Homes meets with those throughout the Central Islip area who have recently lost a loved one and want to carry on their legacy.

Flower pots and seed in bagsFamilies want to be sure their children and grandchildren never forget what made their grandparent so special. A set of siblings wants to pay lasting tribute to their brother or sister. Or perhaps a beloved uncle died and those left behind want to honor his life in a way that truly reflects who he was and how much he meant to them.

We understand the shock and sadness that follows a death, and realize it can be difficult to come up with unique ways to create lasting memories of someone who was so loved.

This is one of the reasons we encourage everyone to preplan their own funeral arrangements. Doing so puts you in control of every detail. Your wishes, your preferences, what you want included in a visitation or service or reception – it’s all put in writing.

When it comes to helping your family remember you for generations, consider these ideas:

  1. Include unique personal touches throughout your funeral service.

Moloney-PersonalizationOur personalization specialists can help you weave your interests, passions, and personality into the funeral plans, leaving a lasting impression on all who attend. Think of how moving it would be to have a beautiful display set out featuring a beloved collection, or your favorite books or memorabilia. These items shine a spotlight on your life and what made it special.

We’ve helped arrange for a balloon, butterfly, or dove release at the graveside, and for a bagpiper to play “Danny Boy” at the conclusion of the funeral. As you can imagine, these images and experiences are never forgotten.

  1. Distribute a memorable keepsake item

Picture your loved ones receiving a gift bag that includes your favorite snacks and candies, a beautiful card featuring a poem, quote, or passage you’ve always loved, or a packet of seeds to grow into a flower you plant every year. We can arrange for these keepsakes to be distributed as a lasting reminder of your life.

  1. Select a meaningful final resting place

Moloney Family Funeral Homes has relationships with all of the cemeteries in our area, and can coordinate aboveground memorialization in a personal mausoleum, or larger sizes for you and your loved ones to share. We can give you a tour and help you select a burial plot that future generations will want to visit. For those who prefer cremation, we can arrange for memorialization in a dignified columbarium niche or mausoleum. We have a wide selection of decorative urns and keepsake jewelry your loved ones can bring with them wherever life takes them.

When you put your own final arrangements in place, you give your loved ones a gift they will never forget. They will have the opportunity to heal and focus on one another rather than trying to guess what you would have wanted, or experience the stress that comes in making the many decisions involved in planning a funeral.

Our online planning form makes the process easier than ever, and you’re always welcome to meet with us in person to get your wishes in writing. Reach out to us anytime by phone or e-mail, or visit our funeral home locations in Lake Ronkonkoma, Holbrook, Port Jefferson Station, Bohemia, Center Moriches, and Hauppauge. Your family will thank you.