Preplanning a Cremation in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

As cremation continues to grow in popularity across the country, we encourage families in our community to preplan a cremation with us. There are many benefits to preplanning your service. Planning ahead saves your family from making difficult decisions during an emotional time. It also lets you make important choices about your end-of-life arrangements at your own pace. Our experienced preplanning specialists are always available to answer any questions you may have about our cremation service offerings. 

Finding a Cremation Provider in Lake Ronkonkoma

Choosing a cremation provider you trust is not easy, and at Moloney Family Funeral Homes, we understand this. Our compassionate and qualified staff excels in providing professional and trustworthy cremation services to every family we serve. With every cremation we perform, we follow a rigorous process from start to finish. We work closely with families to arrange meaningful tributes that are personalized and meaningful.  

Choosing Cremation with Us

Our family-run business has served our community for over 75 years. We are well-acquainted with the needs of families in Lake Ronkonkoma and do our best to accommodate all of them. We aim to personalize every service we arrange and can incorporate family photos, favorite flowers, or military honors. You can also create a custom urn featuring special images or pieces of scripture. At Moloney Family Funeral Homes, you can plan your cremation online or with the help of a cremation specialist in an in-person meeting. Our online planning process is quick and easy for preplanning a cremation, and our staff is always available to help if need be. 

Contact Us

If you’d like to find out more about preplanning a cremation with us, contact us at 631-588-1515. Our cremation experts at Moloney Family Funeral Homes are available 24/7 and ready to assist you with anything you need. We are beyond proud to serve you and your family with all your cremation needs.