Thomas Stephen Monaco
Date of Death: May 15, 2022
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Nassau Suffolk Crematory
St. John Nepomucene
Friday 5/20, 10:00 am

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Susan Smith (Becker) left a message on June 27, 2022:
I’m sorry I’m just now posting. I was thinking of all of you and Tommy and just started searching and stumbled across this. I’m still in disbelief - sending my deepest sympathies again to all of you. Your family has always been one that I held in high regard and I always, always loved when our families would get together when I was a kid. Becky - your eulogy was perfect. I would never expect any less. When I read it, I could almost hear your delivery. Again - much love and deepest sympathies. Tommy was one of the good guys.
Scott Snyder left a message on June 21, 2022:
May God Bless you, Rest In Peace Tommy.
Madison Boyer left a message on May 23, 2022:
I worked with Tom in Pharma over the past few years. We met at DSI in training and Tom was such a friend and father figure to many of us. His voice alone would bring a smile to our faces. His jokes and comments….. helpful and funny. He left pharma to go be in construction and we though he was The Man for living his dream. I was tickled when recently on line I herd his booming voice in my New Hire class! We talked a bout his kids, wife, and grand baby (great name by the way) he deeply loved his family and I loved hearing him light up when speaking of them. I got to see him in Boston recently and it was great! I herd the sad news and I just hope you know that Tom will be remember fondly by so many. I so sorry for your families loss. You are all in my thoughts.
Rebecca Murrell left a message on May 22, 2022:
To my big brother Tommy: Never did I imagine having to pull this together, at least not now. But here we are. In a room full of people who loved him. In case some of you didn’t realize, I’m the baby. My big brother was 11 years older than me, 7 years older than my sister. My perspective is a bit different of course. My brother wasn’t always so nice. You see, I could not walk by a pool without getting thrown in. I could not have a leisurely swim without the threat of being dunked. A quiet moment in the bathroom turned to mayhem when he pounded on the door with viscous giggling in the background. A solid punch in the arm always resulted in retribution. Did my brother love me? He used to bring my sister and I on his dates sometimes. He’d bring us everywhere with his friends, Great Adventure, the movies. Even to Action Park where all of our lives were in danger. He’d be at every softball game or to drive me to my 6th grade dance in his Trans Am. He’d pick my friends and I up from a birthday party and take us for ice cream…while on a date. Remember Laurie? When we all got down to the cone? When I moved to Texas, I remember him packing his wife and three kids in the car to pick me up at the airport when I came home to visit. Not just once or twice, by the way. What some people may not realize about my brother was his intrinsic desire to help. He would drop everything at a moment’s notice if he could be of assistance. He ran supplies to ground zero when our city was falling apart. He always pulled over when someone was stranded or in an accident to see what he could do. He stepped up when his friend’s son, Ben, suffered a traumatic brain injury to assist in any way at the Brendan House and New Beginnings Community Center. For his family, he volunteered for 12 years to coach 3 sports for his children. He held BYA fundraisers, worked with the 3rd precinct COPE division to reward children for wearing helmets and ran the little league. I don’t necessarily have to mention his wife and children, do I? And his new granddaughter Maddison Brooke. But I will because they were his core, his life, his heart. The nurse and the police officers. He was always bursting with pride. He was fiercely protective of them. And Laurie…how many times did we have to hear “the love of my life”? Well, aside from Louie. My brother wasn’t perfect. In fact, there were many times, particularly affecting his own family, his world, that life was downright awful. Some turned their back on him, others judged. His struggles came and went. When he was on an upswing, he was the best that he could be. The absolute best. This is how I choose to remember him. What I will say to you all right now is to look around. Someone here is struggling. Tommy’s struggles were recognized. Laurie, in particular, was his angel who was sent here to carry him when he was crumbling. His triumphs were celebrated. He was so very loved. It wasn’t enough. Do not be angry with him. I will miss his booming voice when he entered a room, I will miss the stories of rattling windows, crabs in cages and numerous mischievous activities that couldv’e been slightly exaggerated. I will miss family dinners as they were, frequent nights out to go dancing, his jokes and his contagious laughter. Have compassion and nothing else. Hold him in your heart and know he is finally at peace.
Lizzie Frayler left a message on May 21, 2022:
In memory of Thomas Stephen Monaco, Lizzie Frayler lit a candle
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Mary Corr left a message on May 20, 2022:
In memory of Thomas Stephen Monaco, Mary Corr lit a candle
Shari Feuerstein DeUrso left a message on May 20, 2022:
My deepest sympathy for your loss. I knew Tommy from growing up in the same neighborhood. I hadn't seen him in a few years, but always had fond memories of our schooldays. He will be missed deeply. May your memories bring you comfort and peace.
Terry Grube left a message on May 20, 2022:
I am heart broken to hear about Tom’s passing. I had the pleasure of working with Tom a number of times. He was a hard worker and a very good man and friend to me. RIP TOM.
Linda Ziegler-Anderson left a message on May 19, 2022:
God Bless Tommy and the Monaco family.
Jerry and Angela Davis left a message on May 19, 2022:
We are so sorry Laurie. May our Lord keep you and your family close to His heart. May He comfort you as only He can. We are praying for you all. Much love, Jerry and Angela
Tammy Eger left a message on May 18, 2022:
In memory of Thomas Stephen Monaco, Tammy Eger lit a candle
Bob&Joanne Coppinger left a message on May 18, 2022:
We are heartbroken to hear of this,As my children would call Tom hey Mr Monaco gone to soon fly high Tommy.
John and Sue Boyle left a message on May 18, 2022:
There are no words to express the pain we feel for all of you. Tom was a good man with an even bigger heart!! So many memories on the ball field with the kids. Our hearts go out to you and our love and prayers are with you and we are hear for you always!! May he rest in peace and fly with the Angels. All our Love and Prayers! xoxox
Andrew Leverton left a message on May 18, 2022:
My deepest condolences to the entire Monaco family - growing up around the corner, Tom played an integral part of my childhood during my developmental years. He was a man that seemed to live for his children and always left you with a smile on your face. Biggest Bruce Springsteen fan I have met to this day and still have memories of driving around Bohemia listening to "Born to Run". RIP Tom, you will be truly missed by everyone.
Schoenfeld - Gozaloff Family left a message on May 18, 2022:
Praying for you Laurie, Kayla, Tommy, Marissa and family. Thank you for all the love you gave our girls xoxo
Hans Otterling left a message on May 17, 2022:
My deepest condolences to Laurie, all Monacos, and friends of Tom. Tom was like a brother to me, near me even with the distance of an ocean. During our lifelong friendship there have been many laughs and smiles and a warm, trustful and deep relationship. We met at Half Hallow Hills West High School when I was an exchange student. Tom was the generous, witty and good looking friend who took care of me being new to the school. We met when our lives were young and everything as possible - our friendship grew deep. Of all the male friends I have met during my life, Tom is the special one. I am so sad for all of us who he left, but I am sure Tom is in a beautiful place right now, looking at us with a big smile and love.
Lance Grossman left a message on May 17, 2022:
I am proud to be the friend who introduced Tom to Bruce Springsteen in 1984. It started with a ticket to a Meadowlands Show. Tom went to the show a Journey fan believing it would hours of songs about cars and he came out 4 hours later a Bruce fanatic. I just didn't know how much at that time. We had great times going to a number of shows with many stories like purchasing counterfeit tickets to one show (with Tom talking security into not kicking us out but putting us in seats next to the stage), almost getting caught taping another show and driving togeher to a show in my parent’s Pink Cadillac. The story that sums up his devotion and his personality was when he told me he was going to meet Bruce one day and he had a plan as only Tom could. He was going to get a job as a security guard at the Nassau Coliseum around 1990 and volunteer to work anytime security was needed, Disney on Ice, Yanni on condition that when Bruce played there he was to be Bruce’s designated Coliseum security guard standing by the stage and walking Bruce to his dressing room. Well as only Tom could he landed the job with the promise of his request. He worked a few years and many many security jobs no one else wanted when he learned that Bruce was scheduled to play on November 10, 1992 and he was going to be Bruce’s designated security. For most people this would be the end of a great story but with Tom there is always more. Tom told me and my wife to buy two cheap tickets and he would move us up. We did and true to his word he moved us to the penalty box on the floor. Of course he didn't actually get permission or ask VIP services to do this and we were approached by a person as the lights were going down who stated he was supposed to sit in this private seat on the floor. I told the person we were put there by security and asked why he should sit there. Well Bobby Nystrom then told us to enjoy the show. Later after the show Tom told us another story. As Bruce was going to his dressing room after rehearsal Tom figured he would ask Bruce to change his playlist and play his favorite song Backstreets which Bruce responded laughing he doesn't play that song on this tour. And there was more. Seems as Tom was guarding the stage a person approached in the dark wanting to go up the steps on stage and Tom proceeded to do his security job and block the person. It was at this point Tom was told by the person that he better let him on stage as Bruce was waiting for him. Tom told me he told the guy “yea sure.” and figured it was going to get physical. It was at this point the person took Tom’s flashlight turned it on and placed it under his chin to show his face. Tom then told me he immediately let Billy Joel go up the steps. Great times with a great guy.
Frank Menendez left a message on May 17, 2022:
Tom I'm so sorry that you left your family that was so beautiful you and I had our ups and downs but we both respected each other you were a great leader a great father and my heart is broken I'm so sorry may you rest in peace may your family be happy in the future forever your friend Frank
Susan Ziegler left a message on May 17, 2022:
My deepest sympathy for your loss
Nora and Paul left a message on May 17, 2022:
Will miss your stories and your laughter Tom. Deepest condolences and much love to family.
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Lance Grossman left a message on May 16, 2022:
One of my many fond memories of Tommy was the day I met him for the first time. I was a recent transfer student in the middle of the 8th grade school year in West Hollow Junior High School. I looked for a friendly face in the the cafeteria and saw a guy with perfectly combed black hair, who was cracking jokes and had everyone around hm laughing in hysterics. I sat down from across from him and found out his name was Tom. Tom did"t know me from a hole in the wall and started talking to me like we were friends for years. During this first meeting I learned a number of things, that I had made a good friend and that if you knew Tom he was your friend. OH YAY I ALSO LEARNED most importantly, when one of the guys named Richard reached across the table onto Tom's tray and tried to take one of his neatly piled packs of Lindens Chocolate Chip Cookies that you NEVER try to take Tom's Linden Chocolate Chip Cookies...
Mary Lou and Mike Assante left a message on May 16, 2022:
My deepest condolences to your family. Mike and I have very fond memories of sitting with your dad as he watched Marrisa play basketball and softball. Every time I saw him at a game I was treated to wonderful memories of my own dad sitting in those same bleachers watching me play. I am hoping that our dads meet in heaven and have a great talk about their kids and sports.
Moloney Bohemia left a message on May 16, 2022:
In memory of Thomas Stephen Monaco, Moloney Bohemia lit a candle
Moloney Family Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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