Julianna Pergolizzi
Date of Death: September 6, 2023
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Moloney's Lake Funeral Home & Cremation Center
Tuesday 9/19, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Moloney's Lake Funeral Home & Cremation Center
Tuesday 9/19, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Moloney's Lake Funeral Home & Cremation Center
Tuesday 9/19, 3:00 pm
Prayer Service
Nassau Suffolk Crematory
St. Joseph's RC Church (Ronkonkoma)
Wednesday 9/20, 10:00 am

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Kathy & Allen Perez left a message on September 22, 2023:
In memory of Julianna Pergolizzi, Kathy & Allen Perez lit a candle
Christine Pergolizzi left a message on September 21, 2023:
I miss you so much. I’m waiting for you to come pull up in your blue Honda civic with iced coffee. I can still hear your voice. I know God has opened his arms and has taken to heaven. I pray to the Lord that you are healed and strong. I love you my beautiful sister in law. Rest in eternal peace You will forever be in my heart. I you
Rachelle Chambers left a message on September 21, 2023:
Love you Julianna ❤️
Rachelle Chambers left a message on September 21, 2023:
From the day I meet Julianna we had a special connection. Such a wonderful sweet personality filled with life, energy, humor, such expressive eyes, and a beautiful smile most of all Julianna had a heart filled with love. Julie indeed loved and loved hard. If you were fortunate enough to meet her, consider yourself lucky because she was one loyal person and friend. Julie loved her family more than anything and she would light up when she spoke about her parents, her sisters and brothers and her large extended family. Coming from such a large family she had so many cousins, nieces, nephews, and greats. She could tell you their ages, the day they were born and their birthdays. She was so proud of each one of them. And often would say to me “I have a sister, a brother, a niece, a nephew or a great in every single month of the year how about that!” Julianna shared with me about having a son and wanting to find him. Julie was so proud of him and so overjoyed meeting him, her daughter n law, and grandson. Julie would say” How about that I am a grandmother!!” Julianna was so happy that her son had the chance to meet her father. Julie wanted to do everything and anything to please her family, take care of them and make them happy and proud. She was always planning for different events, showers, parties, graduations, birthdays, and we would talk about what she wanted to do or bring or what kind of basket she wanted to put together to give as a gift. Julie loved cooking and was in her glory when going to a party because she was able to make her famous salads that she would bring. Making them fresh the morning of the event. She wouldn’t bring just one, she would bring at least two, sausages and cake too. She loved to be festive so whatever the occasion she would wear the holiday colors and accessorize. The last big Fourth of July party that Teddy and Christine had she did not stop talking about how much fun she had. Julie loved nothing more than time spent with family. She loved inviting her sisters and brothers and their significant others over for lunch or dinner entertaining and taking care of them. She was so proud of her father and brother who served in the Military and for her nephew currently serving. Julie never wanted to put any of her family out and would loudly say they have their own families I will work it out and was always so appreciative when family helped and that included friends. Julie had the biggest most loving heart I have ever known. It didn’t stop there she loved her work family as well. Often bringing in rolls for everyone or treating coworkers to flowers for a special occasion even if that meant leaving herself with a few dollars. Julie had an incredible work ethic, punctual, arriving on snow days, doing her own work, and finding time to help colleagues. You wanted her on your team. Julie was the backbone of the kitchen preparing and measuring all the side dishes and sauces, meats, fish, and condiments, she especially loved helping with deserts and she kept one organized refrigerator. Even though she was able to request a salad or burger and the chefs would gladly make it for her she always refused because she just wanted to work and would be disappointed when it was time to go home. I will never forget during the pandemic she was like” I just want to get back to work,” she was fearless. Julie was so authentic; she was honest and real. If she could not make it, she was up front. She would tell you what she liked and did not like. She told me “I do not like country music what is so great about it anyway”? What she loved was Italian music especially her fathers’ albums and loved to listen to her father play the harmonica for her mother and to the family especially at holidays. She did not like the beach. Julie love to take herself out to the local Red Lobster or Friendly’s and enjoyed striking up conversations and found ease making friends. Often saying to me “I can’t tell Diane where I went; she will get so mad at me, but I had to eat.” Julie and I were always close, during the pandemic we became even closer sometimes talking 4 or 5 times a week. At the height of the pandemic, I encouraged her to wipe down her food items. WHY RACHELLE!! REALLY!! Then was happy to report that she was doing it. She taught me how to cook stuffed peppers, eggplant and how to soak it to get rid of the bitterness something she learned from her mother. She hated left overs and would not freeze anything. Her favorite things were her cup of coffee in the morning while watching news 12 and opening the windows to welcome the day. Shopping at Kohls and Homesense. Simple things like picking up some deli meat for a sandwich or some fruit brought her such joy. As did flowers, planting and decorating for holidays especially Fall. She often reflected on her father’s beautiful Koi Pond and how beautiful he kept It. Julie often spoke about her relationship with the Lord and adored her mother’s Blessed Mother Statue and a sweet handmade Strawberry Shortcake doll her father had given her when she was just a little girl. Ending with how much she missed both of her parents. Julie had a flair for decorating the inside of her home that was Home and Gardens worthy and she loved her candles, decorative pillows, and blankets so much. She loved shopping at the outlets with Christine and her nieces and shopping at Bath and Body works. Julie loved Michael Kors bags, pretty sweaters and had a wonderful collection of them. Julie was so excited to celebrate her 60th birthday and just loved the beautiful ring that all her sisters and brothers bought for her. Julie loved to complain it always bought a big smile to my face because she was usually right as to why she was and wasn’t afraid to tell you about it. I will always remember some loving phrases she would say like” it just about money, money, money “; “Are you going to pay my bills?” “Only you Rachelle “and a favorite of so many “Hi Honnnnneeeey “. Julie knew how much I loved the Wizard of Oz one of my favorite lines by the Tinman: “Now I know I’ve got a heart cause it’s breaking.” A piece of my heart broke the day Julie was called home to be with God. I will try very hard to fill my sorrow with all the wonderful things about her to bring some comfort. My heartfelt condolences and prayers to all her family and friends that she leaves behind and may all the love and special memories bring you comfort during this difficult time. I will miss Julie terribly, her laughter, her voice and our calls and the time we spent. Julie was loyal, generous, and dependable, she had a heart of gold, would help anyone, was so brave and lived her life each day to the fullest with such courage and passion. I know your parents were waiting for you Julie, rest in the loving arms of the Lord now and watch over us. You taught me so much; it has been a great honor and privilege to know you and I am so blessed and grateful. Because I knew you, I have been changed for good. Fly high sweet Angel Fly High ~
Ted Pergolizzi left a message on September 21, 2023:
Julie I needed to wait a few days before I chimed up on here. Had to get my thoughts together, clear my head a bit. Problem is it didn’t happen-still waiting. I’m still numb after two weeks. Speechless, shocked to my inner core, I truly do not know what to make of this at all. One day you were trying to climb into the back seat of our truck making us all laugh, and then almost instantly you were in the ICU at Mt. Sinai fighting to stay alive. I just don’t know. I remember when I was in kindergarten at Slocum playing on the play ground. Your bus would stop on the corner of the school to let some middle schoolers out I guess. I’d be running around and remember you and Joe Ellen yelling my name! I thought that was cool. You would also remind me, innocently of course, that my little red Radio Flyer metal wagon died and that we buried it in the woods behind the house. I would get sad. We would laugh about that as we grew older. Then of course, we ALL remember this one. When I was away at sleep away camp, 12 years old, and called home to let you guys know I arrived. You answered the phone and said hello, I said it was me, then without hesitation you said, “Teddy listen, everything is alright, but Lady died!” Our pet German Sheppard of 13 years. I heard mommy tuned you up for doing that, lol. You were so innocent in what you did. It’s amazing because to me, to me you lived your life almost worry free. It seems like you really didn’t stress the small stuff. No acts, no masks, just Julie. Quite honestly it was all of us who seemed to have a difficult time with the nonsense that life throws at us. You kind of didn’t care. You wanted simple things: newer car after 15ish years, some extra hours at your job, quaint, clean place to live, quality time with your family, just simple things. I visit you one day at the hospital, ask how ya feeling, you tell me ok. Then you say something and blow my mind. You say all nonchalantly, “so they didn’t find any of the cancers, so I guess that’s good, right? now maybe I can go home and eat something good!” You then say “ahhh, we’ll see”. You had this way of not letting it consume you. And that was a blessing from God. Julie knowing you are not physically here is killing me, Christine, Tina, Olivia, and Anthony! We are all so blown away. I can still hear your voice walking into my back yard calling my name with that booming Pergolizzi voice! You were vibrant, loving, carefree, and thoughtful. You ALWAYS wrote me every time I deployed to to the Middle East, even when I deployed stateside for extended periods. You ALWAYS called me for every holiday including my birthday. And you most definitely NEVER missed making a call to me on Memorial Day, Independent Day, and Veterans Day! My children and Christine always noticed and commented on that. I want to thank you for teaching me, your little brother to be brave. Yeah, you taught me about bravery, imagine that. The strength, will, and most of all the continued BELIEF IN GOD you have displayed to me over the last three months will stay with me until the day and time comes when I leave this purgatory of life and myself descend on to hell as Jesus did, I will, (with Gods blessing), as you, ascend into heaven and wrap my loving arms around you in eternal peace! I pray that God has taken you, healed you, made you whole again, rid your body of disease, cleaned any clogged vessels, made you strong again like He intended you to be and has greeted you into His arms and kingdom of salvation and glory. I pray to Him in the name of His son, our Lord, Jesus Christ. I will continue to pray, remember, and miss you everyday of my life my dear sister, who I will now refer to, as my sister Julie, an angel in heaven. I LOVE YOU.
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Christine Pergolizzi left a message on September 18, 2023:
My beautiful, loving, sweet sister in law Julie. This is extremely difficult for me. I love you like a sister. I’m so grateful for all our outlet shopping trips me you and Tina and Olivia. We would go to lunch also. We had so many laughs! Dinners at my house and BBQs, birthdays, 4th of July etc. I will miss your smile, your laugh and everything about you. You were a sister to me. I’m so happy we were close and that you new you can come to our home whenever you wanted. I know you felt comfort with us. I can still hear your laugh. I miss you so much already. I know you new Teddy and I were with you many times when you were sick. And also Im glad the kids had time with you. Watch over all of us especially Teddy. He misses you so much. I’ll miss all our summer iced coffee days and home goods shopping sprees. I still can’t believe your home with God. I know you’re with Mommy and Daddy in eternal peace. I will forever hold you in my heart . I love you Julie.
Deana Soares left a message on September 18, 2023:
I am so deeply sorry to hear about the loss of Julie. We knew Julie through my sister Kathy and she would always come over for her bbq’s and parties. She was always so fun and made us laugh all the time. She made the best salads too! I am so sorry you were sick. Life is so unfair! You will be missed. Praying for your family to get through this difficult time.
Donna Pergolizzi Trnka left a message on September 18, 2023:
Julie I still can’t wrap my head around what’s happened to you. You were sick for the last three months and now you’re gone. I feel like it’s a horrible nightmare. Our whole family is still in shock. Julie I love you very much and I will always miss you. I’ll miss seeing you at all our family holiday dinners, and I’ll miss getting an invite from you to come after work for dinner; you would make chicken cutlets, and of course we loved your homemade potato salad. You enjoyed cooking, and getting together with family and friends. And as I see your life played out through the many pictures that we all have been going through, I could see you enjoyed yourself with family and all your friends, and I’m so sorry it had to end. I’m going to miss everything about you; I mean how could I not miss you; you were in my life for 61 years. I just can’t believe you’re gone. You were always a loving, good natured, considerate, big hearted, friendly person. You are going to be missed by so very many people. I love you Julie and I look forward for when we are together again. Rest In Peace dear Sister. All my love ❤️
Diane Pergolizzi Sambuco left a message on September 17, 2023:
Where do I begin….. I am sick and heartbroken, heartbroken… my beautiful innocent sister, Julie. I am truly going to miss you. You were the sister I always went to. To escape my own sadness and problems that I’ve been dealing with in life. Frank has been sick for 25 years and just for me not to be by myself because Frank was always sleeping. Sleep sleep sleep… I always went to your house to pass the time and not be alone. You always cooked dinner for me. You always love to cook. I had heart surgery and you were there for me. You made sure I was OK and once again you cooked for me. I just don’t know what I am going to do, you are not here on earth anymore. You were always there for me. You helped me take care of mommy and daddy for the 10 years they lived with me. It wasn’t easy taking care of mommy and daddy. You were there for me, when mommy got very sick and went into the nursing home. You took daddy to every doctors appointment he had. Which were twice a week. and helped me take care of mommy and daddy. You did so much for me. I truly don’t know how I will go on without you in my life. I’m going to miss helping you with all kinds of things that you needed assistance with. My heart is broken. I know mommy and daddy taught us about our religion and Jesus. I still can’t understand why…… but I will try so hard to understand that you are in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ, mommy and daddy and our family. Please please send me signs please. The day you passed away I will never forget. Our brother Teddy and our sister Jackie and I were by your bedside when you passed on to eternal life with Jesus. I know, I know, that you know we were with you when you passed. I did everything and tried so hard for you as well as your sisters did. We never left your side when we found out you were sick. You never ever slept alone in your apartment by yourself. I promised you when you got sick you would never go through this alone. We were always with you 24 hours a day. I did everything and tried so hard for you as well as your sisters did. We never left your side when we found out you were sick June 10. You never ever slept alone in your apartment by yourself. When we put you in hospice, I slept overnight with you because I did not want you to pass away by yourself. We were always with you 24 hours a day. I love you so much, Julie. Now I know why…you kept telling me that you dream a lot about daddy and once in a while mommy. Then you started telling me the end of 2022 that you kept seeing daddy in your apartment. Now I know why you kept seeing him. Daddy was calling you home. I really don’t know why you had to go home now. Me and all your siblings really thought that we were all going to be in our 80s and 90s the way mommy and daddy did with us. I know we will meet again. We will all meet again. I love you so much. I have beautiful and wonderful memories of you and I and John we were all 15 months apart. Wonderful memories of us being little girls and playing with our baby dolls in carriages. I remember everything. I love you so much I just don’t know how I truly am going to go through life without you. I will look for the signs I believe in Jesus until we meet again Julie I love you so much always be with all of us. Give mommy and daddy a big kiss for me. I love you all so much until we meet again.
Denise Jacobsen Gotimer left a message on September 17, 2023:
Today I light a candle in remembrance of Julie. We were friends for many years growing up. We did everything together! She was like family to us. Unfortunately, my family moved to Florida,so I had to go. We tried for a while to stay in contact,but it seems we lost it along the way. Today, I mourn the loss of her,a great woman, but will always have her memory in my heart. Rest in peace my friend Julie. Love, Denise
Jody Bonacore left a message on September 17, 2023:
In memory of Julianna Pergolizzi, Jody Bonacore lit a candle
Rosalie Jacobsen left a message on September 14, 2023:
My heart goes out to Julie’s family she was such a wonderful delightful young lady. She was at my house all the time with my daughter Denise who she was best friends with for years. They grew up in Ronkonkoma together. Julie will be very missed. may she rest in Jesus arms in heaven .
Nancy Klemm left a message on September 14, 2023:
Rest in Peace Julie
Carla Fuller left a message on September 13, 2023:
I am deeply saddened to learn of Julianna’s passing. There are no words to express my heartfelt sympathy for her family and loved ones. Julianna touched so many of our lives with her upbeat personality and tender heart, Julianna will be greatly missed.
Moloney Family Funeral Homes left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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