High-Quality Cremation Services in Holbrook, NY

Choosing cremation with Moloney Family Funeral Homes gives you access to all the same service options available with traditional burial. Being one of Holbrook’s full-service cremation providers means we can easily arrange for burial, scattering, or interment of your loved one’s cremated remains. When you plan your loved one’s service with our cremation specialists, you’ll have flexibility and assistance at every step of the way.  

Personalization Options with Us

Personalizing a cremation is a great way to celebrate what made your loved one so unique. The personalization options at our funeral home are virtually endless, and our staff encourages creativity from every family. Consider displaying personal photos or video footage at your loved one’s service and encouraging guests to contribute their favorite images or other media. If you’re commemorating a motorcycle enthusiast, our team can help you arrange a motorcycle hearse to transport your loved one to their final resting place. Some families choose to scatter their loved one’s cremated remains in a meaningful location. 

Reasons to Preplan Your Cremation 

Our loved ones can’t always predict what we want, especially when it comes to our end-of-life plans. One way to ensure your family knows the type of final arrangements you prefer is to get your wishes down in writing with our team of funeral professionals. Planning your cremation ahead of time will also give you peace of mind knowing your final resting place has been pre-selected. We encourage all our neighbors to take the important step of preplanning their cremation with us. 

Contact Our Team 

To find out more about our trustworthy cremation services, call our team today at 631-588-1515. If you are located in the Holbrook area and prefer to meet with a funeral planning professional in person, we will happily arrange a time for you to stop by our funeral home. Our qualified professionals will even accommodate a video call for the initial conversation if this makes you feel more comfortable.