Cremation Services Lake Ronkonkama, NY

Quality Burial and Cremation Services in Lake Ronkonkama, NY

Our family-owned business is committed to helping you celebrate your loved one with a meaningful service you’ll never forget. Moloney Family Funeral Homes bring over a century of experience to Lake Ronkonkoma and surrounding areas. We offer all our families fair prices and superior services whether they choose traditional burial or cremation. When you come to us for cremation services, you can be sure you’ll receive thoughtful, customized care at every step of the planning process.

Choosing Cremation Services Over a Traditional Burial

It’s common to think that choosing cremation limits your options for other services. At Moloney Family Funeral Homes, we can arrange a reception, visitation, or memorial service just as we do with traditional burial. We also welcome you to personalize your service. This can be as simple as selecting floral arrangements in your favorite color or as elaborate as hiring a live band to play music during the reception. We encourage our families located in Lake Ronkonkama and beyond to be as creative as they wish with their choices.

Preplanning Your Cremation with Us

When you settle on cremation, give yourself the peace of mind preplanning affords. Preplanning your cremation lets you arrange all the details in advance, so your family won’t have to make stressful decisions during a difficult time. It can also help you lock in today’s prices for urns, space rentals, and any other service options you choose with us. Get your wishes down in writing today, and we’ll keep them in a safe place until they are needed.

Contact Our Team

For questions about our burial or cremation services, call our dedicated staff at Moloney Family Funeral Homes at 631-588-1515. If you are located in or around Lake Ronkonkama and prefer to stop by in person, a qualified member of our team is here to speak with you any time.