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With cremation quickly becoming the choice for more and more families, there has been a significant increase in the number of cremation providers. Oftentimes, new providers will “race to the bottom,” offering ever-increasing discounts in an attempt to convince the market to use their cremation service. But these discounts come at a steep price; the discount providers ultimately must sacrifice quality to make ends meet.

At Moloney Family Funeral Homes, we’re different. Every family we serve receives the highest standard of care – a promise other area providers simply cannot make. We truly are the best cremation service to meet the needs of families in or around South Beach.

Flexibility and options, just two of the benefits of our cremation service

Many people mistakenly believe that cremation limits their options. In reality, choosing cremation services from Moloney Family Funeral Homes actually gives you more flexibility and options. You can choose to have a visitation and funeral before the cremation, or you can opt for a memorial service (where the body is not present) either before or after the cremation process. You also have more options for final disposition. You can select in-ground burial, place the urn in a mausoleum, or keep the urn in your possession. People often choose to scatter their loved ones ashes somewhere meaningful to them. If that is your choice, feel free to consult us first so we can advise you on local laws and regulations. We truly are the best cremation service to meet your needs.

Benefits of planning ahead

Have you considered preplanning for your cremation? While we understand making these arrangements is not usually a top priority, it can benefit your loved ones in the future. Preplanning reduces the stress on your family and friends. They aren’t forced to make important decisions about your arrangements or left guessing on what you might have preferred. When you preplan all your arrangements are clearly documented.

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